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Food We Love with HOUNÖ – Poached Salmon

Lots of us have been discovering a new love for baking during lockdown and we’ve enjoyed seeing the #dancerecipes online.

We thought we’d share this great recipe from HOUNÖ to create a beautifully poached salmon for a clean, healthy and light tasting meal.

Poaching is one of the simplest ways to cook this popular fish – especially if you do it in a HOUNÖ combi oven 😉 It’s practically a no-fail dish for both the chef and the dining guest.

Poached Salmon

1 side of salmon with skin
15 gr fine salt (per kg fish)

1. Trim the salmon and remove any bones.
2. Cover the fish with the salt and leave for a minimum 30 minutes to let the salt soak into the fish.
3. Put the salmon with the skin facing up in a tray and place in the oven.
4. When the alarm sounds from the oven, the salmon is cooked and you can easily remove the skin.

Cook according to following method:
– Preheat – Steaming function – 65°C – 50% fan speed
– Load the oven and insert the probe (optional extra at standard ovens) in the thick part of the salmon – probe temperature 54°C

Chef’s Tip
If you want to serve the fish at a higher core temperature, avoid increasing
oven temperature too much. E.g. if you want a core temperature at 75°C
have the oven set at 80°C. This way you avoid drying out the fish.

Enjoy! Be sure to tag us if you try this recipe @idscatering on social media or #dancerecipes

North Somerset Hospitality Industry making a comeback?

We know it’s strange times for much of us this week with the non-essential retail businesses slowly getting back to business. We have been working throughout the pandemic so support the Ministry of Defence and Local Authorities, hospitals and schools as the government classed as us key workers in order to keep these important organisations running.

For much of April, May and June we have solely been working for these companies but we are now slowly bringing the team back to work too with a hope to be fully operational by the 1st of July. Our engineers have been on site in PPE, helping with emergency repairs and maintenance and businesses have been calling for advice. It feels like some sort of normality is returning – if there ever was such a thing as normal in our team!

You’ll be pleased to hear our family are all doing well and despite a few hiccups, we are all making it through lockdown in one piece although as a close family business, you’ll understand how hard it is when you can’t all be together. Grandma Dance’s recipes have got us through the tough times though!

So, we hope this week treats you well and a huge thank you to the businesses who also managed to keep going and supported their communities. We have seen some amazing work from the local cafes, takeaways and restaurants here in Somerset helping the NHS with lunches, children with free food and villages with much needed food supplies. It’s been great watching how quick we all can be to help each other when we need it most.

We are very much on hand if you do need us; from planning out your kitchen in line with new rules and regulations or repairing a broken down oven, we can help you navigate your way back to business. The brilliant Johnny and Pete at Future Signs have some great social distancing signage packs ready to help you enforce the guidelines with customers. Give him them a shout if you need anything.

As well as the catering equipment we have on site, many of suppliers are also still able to ship products around the UK and Europe so if you are in need of new supplies do visit our shop or give us a call.

Keep safe from all the team at IDS.