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Autumn Supper Ideas with perfect baked potatoes

With an ending of the beautiful summer season, we’ve prepared for you one of the most favourite Autumn dishes, the classic baked potato. Enjoy this delicious and simple recipe, which is so easy to make in your HOUNÖ combi oven!

We’ve made the perfect potato even easier to create with our Enamelled Potato Spikes which are also great for things like chicken legs and tomatoes. The enamelled spikes ensure quick cooking, as heat comes from the spike itself as well as from the oven chamber.

Baked potatoes
20 portions

20 Baking potatoes

1. Wash the potatoes.
2. Put the potatoes lengthways on the spikes.

Cook using the following cooking steps
– Preheat – 230°C – 1 min
– Note – insert product (giving an alarm)
– ClimaOptima – 210°C – 30% humidity – 35 minutes

Chef’s tip
Fill the potato with sour cream and garnish with chive.

Do not hesitate to send us comments or share pictures of your recipes made in HOUNÖ ovens on social media using hashtag #idsbakes #foodweshare #hounorecipe

Top tips on avoiding a summer ice machine meltdown

We know a great ice machine is a life saver, especially during the summer months so ensuring you have the right equipment is essential to the smooth running of your business.

Here are top tips for choosing the perfect ice machine:

  1. Take ease of clean seriously! Reliability and ease of cleaning are key factors for operators to consider when purchasing ice machines. It’s important that a reliable, reputable machine is purchased from the offset, in order to ensure a high level of reliability and also in the event of failure that parts are readily available to provide a swift and efficient repair.
  2. Analyse how much ice you’ll need at peak times – Storage and volume are major considerations when it comes to choosing the right machine. It’s important to establish just how much ice may be required at your busiest times, to ensure your machine can meet this demand.
  3. Check the location – Selecting a suitable location to position an ice machine and ensuring there is sufficient space available to house it is a vitally important part of the installation process. We offer a free site survey to help you work out the best position of any catering equipment s do get in touch if you’re struggling with this.
  4. Look after the machine! – Operators must ensure they have clear ice-handling guidelines and we encourage you to stick to a strict regime of training your staff in cleaning the equipment and maintaining best practice to keep on top of ice hygiene on an ongoing basis.
  5. Ask yourself, what about the future?  – Have you planned for growth? Consider building in at least 20% additional capacity on new installations.

Here’s a handy tool to help you work out the capacity of ice machine you’ll need:

Approximate ice usage per day per person

Restaurant: 0.7kg
Cocktail bar: 1.4kg
Salad Bar: 6.41kg per cubic metre
Quick Service: 148ml per 207-296ml drink, 237ml per 355-473ml drink, 355ml per 532-710ml drink
Cafeteria: 0.45kg

You can check out our ice machines here and give us a call on 01934 813686 if you’d like more guidance to buying the right machine for you!

Size Matters. We know.

Size matters in small kitchens.

That’s why we sell the full range of Houno CombiSlim ovens which is ideal for small-scale or satellite kitchens.

They are space saving –  Gain maximum flexibility using minimum space with CombiSlim ovens. These combi ovens measure only 51.3 cm in width and fit into all professional kitchens.

Expand your product range – CombiSlim ovens are ideal for small-scale food production in take-away shops, cafés, gas stations, schools and nurseries, investing in one will expand your range and increase sales.

CombiSlim Touch models – The vast range of cooking modes and features meets all your needs and give you room for fine-adjustments. Use the intuitive touch display SmartTouch® for programming.

CombiSlim Standard models – Equipped with the most popular cooking modes, these ovens are very easy to use at all staff levels. They are manually programmed by means of the selection dial.

Call us on 01934 813686 or email us via the contact form to book a free site survey to discuss the best products for your space.


Weekend Baking with Houno!

We have the perfect idea for some baking this weekend.

One of our favourite teams, the HOUNÖ Chefs would like to share a recipe for a gorgeous marzipan cake. Indulge yourself with this delicious dish, which is so easy to bake in your HOUNÖ combi oven.

Marzipan cake

12 portions

500gr Marzipan
500g Sugar
500gr Butter
500gr Eggs
120gr Cornflour
1 Vanilla pod


Scrape the vanilla seeds from the pod and mix into the sugar
Beat the sugar, marzipan and butter together until light and fluffy.
Beat the eggs into the mix one at a time
Mix the cornflour in.

Cook using the following cooking steps

– Preheat – 180°C – 1 min
– Note – insert product (giving an alarm)
– Hot air – 165°C – 80% fan – Closed exhaust – 45 minutes

After cooking

Cool down completely. Cover in dark chocolate glaze.

Recommendation of the tray

Baking tray smooth non-stick 1/1 GN

Chef’s tip

For a more summer style cake the zest of 2 lemons to the mix and put lemon curd on top instead of the chocolate glaze.

Are you a local chef/restaurant/cafe with a summer special recipe? Give us an email, we’d love to feature you!

A very happy customer in Somerset this week!
Unfortunately, last week we had a frustrated call from Abbey Tea Rooms in Glastonbury after their existing 12 year old electric oven range decided it wasn’t up to another festival season! They needed a suitable replacement that would fit in with their current demands, latest technology and still be environmentally friendly.
We quickly sent down one of our talented engineers to check out the oven and see if it could be saved. After a meeting, we all agreed that the new PHOENIX Induction Oven Range from Lincat would be the most suitable appliance for the space and work they needed it to do.
The next working day, our highly skilled team of engineers attended the site and installed the new oven bringing very big smiles to the owner and her staff.
If you’re off to Glastonbury this weekend, the Abbey Tearooms are ready for you!
construction online IDS
IDS receives Construction Online Gold Status!
We are proud to announce that we have received Gold Standard status with Construction Online.
This means that our credentials have been assessed for environmental management, quality management, equal opportunities, modern slavery act adherence and anti-bribery and corruption policies. As well as enhanced pre-qualification, all Gold members are assessed for SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement).
This means we have demonstrated to our buyers that we as an organisation have been subjected to increased scrutiny around governance and risk management and are deemed a gold standard company.
Construction Online is used by companies across the construction industry in the UK and helps central government, local authorities and main contractors to know that IDS is pre-accredited and approved to the highest standard before beginning any tender process.
We do all we can do ensure our customers have the peace of mind when buying from us so to receive the Gold Status is a real win for the team and gives out staff, customers and future relationships the safety before buying.
To find out more about us you can meet the team here or browse our shop.
constructiononline gold member ids
How to cook the perfect steak!

This month, we would like to share a perfect recipe for a juicy grilled steak prepared in on of our HOUNÖ ovens. Follow our preparation and tips for the best results.

Grilled steak
4 portions

4 Sirloin steaks sliced 3 cm thick

1. Brush the steak lightly with oil and keep in the fridge
until ready for use.
2. Put the HOUNÖ Grilling grid into the oven before Preheat.

Cook using the following cooking steps
– Preheat – 250°C – 1 min
– Note – insert product (giving an alarm)
– Hot Air – 235°C – 100% Fan speed – 7 minutes

After cooking
Remove the whole tray carefully from the oven. Turn the steaks over and leave for a minimum 10 minutes to rest before serving.

Chef’s tip
The steaks will be cooked to Medium. Reduce or increase the cooking time for different cooking for more or less cooked steaks.

Don’t hesitate to send us comments or share pictures of your recipes on social media using hashtag #IDScatering #foodweshare #hounorecipe

Enjoy and keep on cooking!

Leftover Easter Eggs? We have just the thing…

With a hoard of Easter chocolate in the house, we thought it may be a good time to share with you one of our favourite recipes created in the brilliant Houno oven. 

Indulge your taste buds with the easiest recipe ever for a classic chocolate brownie. Follow our preparation and tips for the best baking results.

700g Sugar
225g Butter
5 Eggs
250 ml Espresso
700g Dark chocolate
350g Plain flour
350g Walnuts

1. Melt the butter and add the chocolate, stir until the chocolate has melted.
2. Whisk the egg, flour, sugar and espresso together well.
3. Then add the melted butter and chocolate and continue to whisk.
4. Line a 60mm tray with a piece of baking paper and pour the mix into the tray.
5. Once baked let the brownie cool before serving.

Bake using the following steps
– Preheat – 190°C – 1 min
– Note – Insert product (An alarm will sound)
– ClimaOptima – 175°C – 30% Humidity – 25 mins

IDS top tip!
Add nuts or white chocolate buttons for a different style of brownie.

Enjoy baking and please don’t hesitate to send us comments or share pictures of your recipes on social media using hashtag #IDSrecipes


National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!


It’s National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! Even though its only three small ingredients, bread, butter, cheese, it’s proven to be the most popular comfort food IN THE WORLD!

The Ancient Romans were the first civilisation to make a cooked bread and cheese sandwich, but many cultures have invented their own take on the ancient dish. In France, people enjoy Croque Monsieur (a grilled ham and cheese sandwich) while in Switzerland it is customary to melt the cheese and toast the bread separately before combining them. The classic American grilled cheese sandwich emerged in the 1920s when inexpensive cheese and affordable sliced bread became available. It is now a staple in cafés, diners, and school cafeterias across the country.

To celebrate National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, we decided to test out our Eco Turbochef Oven against a traditional panini machine.

First up, we tried the traditional panini grill, which after five minutes, produced a rather squished looking toasted sandwich.

So we decided to up our grilled cheese game with the Eco Turbochef Small Oven with it’s single motor vertically circulating air impingement, top-launched microwave system and stirrer to help ensure even distribution of air and microwave. This Turbochef delight served us up the perfect grilled ham and cheese sandwich is just one minute 10 seconds!


Was this just an excuse for the team to eat cheese toasties on a Friday morning? YES. Was it worth it? Absolutely! If you’d like to try any of our catering equipment for yourself, do visit our showroom which also includes a variety of second hand equipment or give us a call on 01934 813686.

How to effectively avoid new water law change fines

A commercial kitchen without effective means of grease removal will now contravene UK water regulations.

You may have read of the many fines issued across Thames Valley in the past 12 months or watched the recent Channel 4 or Sky documentaries about fatbergs and issues facing the UK’s sewers, but are you aware of the changes needed to be made in commercial kitchens to stop these occurring? If you are worried about how the changes may affect you, please call one of our team on 01934 813686.

The change affects the UK Water Industry Act 1991 and the relevant section is S111(1) which states “… no person shall throw or empty any matter likely to injure the sewer or drain, to interfere with the free flow of its contents.”

This is fairly broad in catchment and covers many things not just grease. The act also allows water companies to claim compensation from the offending company if it can be found and traced that they were responsible for the grease blocking incident. Fines and imprisonment are also possible.

* The Food Safety Act 1990 means that if local authorities inspect organisations and there are found to be problems resulting from poor grease management, action can be taken.

*Under the Environmental Protection Act 1991 a duty of care is placed on a company to dispose of waste carefully. This includes fats, cooking oils and thus grease. The act also creates a “statutory nuisance” meaning if there are complaints smells, blockages the local authority have the power to serve an abatement order to stop this, which if not complied with can result in prosecution. 

We have been working with Greasepak to ensure our customers are safe from any potential fines by installing their unique drain maintenance system. GreasePak’s formula makes it the most powerful product on the market. Easy to install and maintain, GreasePak is a biological drain maintenance system designed to work with GreasePak MSGD5 fluid, a highly concentrated active bio-enzymatic fluid specially formulated to degrade (FOG’s) fats, oils and greases found in commercial kitchen drains. GreasePaK is cost effective and can be used either with a grease trap or as a standalone drain maintenance system to help food service operators to meet regulations and maintain clear, free-flowing drains.

If you would like to know more about how the we can install your Greasepak and provide the solution for your safe drainage, call our team on 01934 813686 or email


IDS and Turbochef showcase state of the art smart cooking equipment at latest event

Last week, we invited guests to view our latest reliable, smart ventless cooking equipment as part of our Turbochef showcase.

Over two days, a range of business owners visited our site in Bleadon, Somerset to see all that the Turbochef Sota, THE I3 & I5 and the FIRE Pizza Oven has to offer.

Turbochef chef John from Middleby and our Sales manager Brenton, guided us through the state-of-the-art commercial kitchen convection oven, showcasing how easy it is to achieve the perfect baking results.

The Sota oven provides superior speed and cooking performance in TurboChef’s smallest, most energy-efficient package. It also meant our guests (and hungry engineers) got to try out some great Panini’s cooked from fresh in under two minutes!

The Sota will cook a croissant in just 20 seconds and a toasted breakfast sandwich in 50 seconds – perfect for a busy restaurant, café or kitchen!

The FIRE Pizza Oven will cook an artisan pizza in 1 minutes 40 seconds!!! Seeing is believing, watch the video…


The results from the Sota are incredible; providing superior speed and cooking performance, this easy-to-clean machine can store up to 256 menus and has built-in self diagnostics. It’s up to 12 times as fast as a convectional oven, the Sota features a stirrer to help ensure even distribution of air and microwave, external air filtration, a vent catalyst to further limit emissions and odours, an LED timer that counts down the last 30 seconds of cook time and a top-launched microwave system.


Following the success of the open days, for a limited time only, we are offering the Turbochef Sota at just £3,499 ex VAT with finance options. This offer is only available until Sunday 30thDecember 2019.

For more information, and to take up the offer,  call IDS on 01934 813686 or email

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