IDS Secure Preventative Maintenance Contract

IDS are proud to have been awarded the Preventative Maintenance Servicing Contract for Queen Elizabeth’s Hospitals School in Bristol.

Having a piece of catering equipment go down is every chef’s worst nightmare.  Preventative Maintenance Agreements from IDS can help your business avoid unnecessary downtime and also:

  • Ensure your critical kitchen equipment is running at optimum performance
  • Improve the lifespan of your investment
  • Minimise energy consumption
A pre-planned Preventative Maintenance Contract from IDS allows you to budget your costs and minimise call-outs, and with monthly payment plans from as little as £30* a month it’s an affordable way to protect your catering equipment.

Book a consultation now!

If you would like a no-obligation appraisal of your commercial kitchen please contact David Giles on 01934 813686 to arrange a site visit and a Preventative Maintenance Contract quote.

National Fish and Chip Day

IDS are supporting this year’s National Fish and Chip Day with some tasters cooked in our revamped demo kitchen.

If you work in or manage a Commercial Kitchen why not pop in and say hello. In addition to the tasty treats, a range of commercial catering equipment will be on display for you to try, including a fantastic range of Combination Ovens!

Preventative Maintenance Contract & why it’s so important

IDS were invited to quote on some preventative maintenance at Guddi & Gikki today, an Indian Restaurant in Taunton.  Whilst there we got to sample the friendly service and delicious food on offer.  If you’re in Taunton why not stop by for some lunch or dinner, open from Tuesday to Saturday

Preventative Maintenance Contracts from IDS can offer a number of benefits, which include:
  • Minimisiing unnecessary downtime
  • Ensuring your critical kitchen equipment is running at optimum performance
  • Improving the lifespan of you investment
  • Reducing energy consumption
Did you know that the expense of calling out an engineer every time you have a problem far exceeds the cost of regular maintenance?  A pre-planned Preventative Maintenance Contract from IDS allows you to budget your costs and minimise call-outs, and with monthly payment plans available from as little as £30 a month can you afford not to protect your investment?  Book your appointment now by calling David Giles on 01934 813686 or email
Ian Dance Services Ltd are now FCA authorised



Congratulations to IDS Managing Director Bruce Dance who is now approved under section 59 of the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA 2000), which in turn means that Ian Dance Services Ltd are now FCA authorised.

This allows IDS to offer lease purchase and finance for catering products to both Sole Traders and Limited Companies. Why not take this opportunity and get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.

Chef René Chapman Holds Another Rational Cookery Demonstration

The latest Rational cookery demonstration was held at IDS HQ this week and was a resounding success.

Chef René Chapman was on hand to demonstrate the capabilities of the Rational combi-oven, preparing and cooking some mouthwatering food. Delegates were treated to Pain au Chocolat and Croissants with their tea and coffee, moving on to sample a full ‘English’ breakfast cooked on one tray. Chef René then discussed how to cook the perfect steak, switching to steamed broccoli within the space of a few minutes. The combi-oven was then used to serve up chicken in breadcrumbs, seasoned aubergine and salmon steaks.

The event was filmed on behalf of a local accountancy firm who were making a promotional video; look out for highlights and interviews within the next few weeks!

IDS will be staging a further Rational demonstration next month but if you are a chef or business owner who would like to come and view a selection of combi-ovens currently available please contact David Giles on 01934 813686. With finance packages now available they are more affordable than you may think!

Congratulations to IDS Engineer Ben Marsh for recently qualifying as an F Gas Category 1 Engineer


IDS Webshots 024

Congratulations to IDS Engineer Ben ‘Marshy’ Marsh for recently qualifying as an F Gas Category 1 Engineer.

Marshy’s qualification allows him to carry out the following types of work on ‘Refrigeration or stationary air conditioning and heat pump systems’:
– Installation
– Maintenance
– Leak checking
– Recovering refrigerant gases
– Decommissioning and disposal

It’s another string to the bow of Ian Dance Services Ltd.  If you have any refrigeration requirements please contact the office on 01934 813686 or drop us an email at and Marshy will one only too pleased to put his qualification to good use!

Are you using a commercial ware washer for your dishes and glasses?

We’ve laid out some really handy maintenance tips to ensure your investment is running to its full potential:

Daily Tips

• Switch off power                     • Remove basket                   • Leave door open
• Drain machine                         • Remove filters
• Wash filters                               • Wipe interior
• Top up chemicals                   • Rinse out

Additional Weekly Tips

• Remove wash arms
• Strip and clean arms
• Wash machine internally with Renovater
• Regenerate water softener (If fitted)

Before placing glasses, cups or plates into the machine 5 simple steps to follow:

1. Remove lemon slices and cocktail sticks or food scraps – The machine is not a waste disposal unit
2. Manually Remove Lipstick – The machine cannot do this automatically
3. Discard any drink residues into the sink – The wash water is only refreshed between 10 & 20% each cycle
4. Do not wash or empty ashtrays into the machine
5. Do not interrupt or shorten the wash cycle – To effectively clean & dry a full cycle is essential

Other tips for the maintenance of glasses

Renovate ALL glasses bi-monthly – Invisible detergent residues will damage a beer head. Caustic detergents visually damage glasses
Renovate all new glasses before use – New glasses are coated in a mould release agent and this will damage a beer head

IDS attended the latest Chefs’ Forum

IDS attended the latest Chefs’ Forum event at the Bristol Marriott Hotel yesterday.  It was our second exhibition since joining Chefs’ Forum and it proved to be a successful day all round.

Managing Director Bruce Dance had this to say “The Chefs’ Forum is a good platform to interact with chefs and business owners and introduce them to the full range of services on offer from IDS.  We can also offer a reminder about the pitfalls of poorly installed and maintained catering equipment which can add to the annual cost of running a commercial kitchen”.

Ian Dance Services wows with new display kitchen

Weston-super-Mare-based dealer, Ian Dance Services (IDS) has launched a new demonstration kitchen at its headquarters.

IMG_2837MD, Bruce Dance, detailed: “The reason we decided to set up the display kitchen was that often our clients would comment on their interests in purchasing a combination oven or large dishwasher but they could only view these expensive items in a magazine or online, or would have to travel a long distance.

“Those interested would shop online without getting the professional advice required.

“Many times we have been called up to install an appliance that will not either fit where they want it to or may not even have the required services.

“This then often turned out to be an expensive project that could have been avoided if they had sought our advice in the first instance.”

He added: “We wanted to be able to offer our clients and new customers the opportunity to come along and try out various units from different manufacturers in order to see what would suit them best.

“This facility is a great place for them to view in a relaxed atmosphere so they can learn more about these products and to get a real hands-on experience.”

Rational, Retigo and Maidaid appliances were installed at the facility.

On 18 August the kitchen hosted its first event, with Rational promoting its SCC101 5 senses unit.

Dance reported: “The event was a great success, with the customers commenting on the excellent facilities provided from IDS and the amazing advancements in technology that the new Rational oven has to offer.”

The next display event will be on Friday 26 August, where a Retigo chef will be demonstrating the Blue Vision and Orange Vision combination ovens, including the Retigo Vision Smoker.

Furthermore, the next Rational demonstration is set for Thursday 22 September.

IDS will be opening the kitchen everyday and a member of staff will be on hand to give a demonstration when required.

The Retigo Display

We had a successful couple of days when the Chef Jaroslav from Retigo flew over to give a demonstration on the Blue and Orange Vision ovens.

IMG_2847 IMG_2843

To see how things went you can view our live Facebook broadcast below:

Victor Hot Cupboard Bain Marie Installation

With their existing built-in Hot Cupboard Bain Marie beyond repair, a school in Radstock were desperate to get a replacement supplied and fitted as soon as possible. This was not a straight forward job as the existing unit was part of a built-in suite.

The IDS team used their experience and skills to remove the existing unit, install the new purpose built hot cupboard and rebuild the whole section as one.

Another satisfied customer.