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Leftover Easter Eggs? We have just the thing…

With a hoard of Easter chocolate in the house, we thought it may be a good time to share with you one of our favourite recipes created in the brilliant Houno oven. 

Indulge your taste buds with the easiest recipe ever for a classic chocolate brownie. Follow our preparation and tips for the best baking results.

700g Sugar
225g Butter
5 Eggs
250 ml Espresso
700g Dark chocolate
350g Plain flour
350g Walnuts

1. Melt the butter and add the chocolate, stir until the chocolate has melted.
2. Whisk the egg, flour, sugar and espresso together well.
3. Then add the melted butter and chocolate and continue to whisk.
4. Line a 60mm tray with a piece of baking paper and pour the mix into the tray.
5. Once baked let the brownie cool before serving.

Bake using the following steps
– Preheat – 190°C – 1 min
– Note – Insert product (An alarm will sound)
– ClimaOptima – 175°C – 30% Humidity – 25 mins

IDS top tip!
Add nuts or white chocolate buttons for a different style of brownie.

Enjoy baking and please don’t hesitate to send us comments or share pictures of your recipes on social media using hashtag #IDSrecipes


How to effectively avoid new water law change fines

A commercial kitchen without effective means of grease removal will now contravene UK water regulations.

You may have read of the many fines issued across Thames Valley in the past 12 months or watched the recent Channel 4 or Sky documentaries about fatbergs and issues facing the UK’s sewers, but are you aware of the changes needed to be made in commercial kitchens to stop these occurring? If you are worried about how the changes may affect you, please call one of our team on 01934 813686.

The change affects the UK Water Industry Act 1991 and the relevant section is S111(1) which states “… no person shall throw or empty any matter likely to injure the sewer or drain, to interfere with the free flow of its contents.”

This is fairly broad in catchment and covers many things not just grease. The act also allows water companies to claim compensation from the offending company if it can be found and traced that they were responsible for the grease blocking incident. Fines and imprisonment are also possible.

* The Food Safety Act 1990 means that if local authorities inspect organisations and there are found to be problems resulting from poor grease management, action can be taken.

*Under the Environmental Protection Act 1991 a duty of care is placed on a company to dispose of waste carefully. This includes fats, cooking oils and thus grease. The act also creates a “statutory nuisance” meaning if there are complaints smells, blockages the local authority have the power to serve an abatement order to stop this, which if not complied with can result in prosecution. 

We have been working with Greasepak to ensure our customers are safe from any potential fines by installing their unique drain maintenance system. GreasePak’s formula makes it the most powerful product on the market. Easy to install and maintain, GreasePak is a biological drain maintenance system designed to work with GreasePak MSGD5 fluid, a highly concentrated active bio-enzymatic fluid specially formulated to degrade (FOG’s) fats, oils and greases found in commercial kitchen drains. GreasePaK is cost effective and can be used either with a grease trap or as a standalone drain maintenance system to help food service operators to meet regulations and maintain clear, free-flowing drains.

If you would like to know more about how the we can install your Greasepak and provide the solution for your safe drainage, call our team on 01934 813686 or email brenton@iandanceservices.com


Berrow Juniors under 12’s

Berrow Juniors under 12’s team are sponsored by one of the most high-tech kitchen equipment firms in the UK. The team have a revolutionary family business in their corner helping them to thrive and survive.  Ian Dance Services based in Bleadon offer a wide range of catering equipment from a teaspoon to a combination oven. Under 12’s Manager Chris Jones said “We are so grateful to this sponsor for stepping up to the plate (no pun intended) at the last minute when another sponsor was unable to continue with our team. We couldn’t have a more supportive group for our young people and we hope they stay with the team for the long term.”Bruce Dance, MD of IDS said “This Berrow Juniors squad have some highly skilled players and they are leading the way for us in terms of dedication and commitment to their role in the team.  It is inspirational to support young people and to be able to be involved in their progress.

The manager sends us updates after matches every week and we do feel more than just a name on the shirt.  We are going to be behind their success for the long term.”  You can find out more about IDS at their website which is at www.iandanceservices.com.Steve Puddy, Vice Chair was quick to say “Without our sponsors we don’t have a club, they are the cornerstone of the success of each team and they make a huge difference to morale.  We work hard as a club to offer that bit more to our sponsors and to ensure they are part of the Berrow Family.”Anyone interested in joining our club as a coach, sponsor or player please contact us through the web site at www.berrowjuniorfc.co.ukor by calling Kirsten on 07710098804.

IDS visit Houno factory in Denmark

Bruce and myself were invited by Middleby UK to visit the Houno factory in Randers, Denmark recently. After a 40 minute journey from Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, we arrived at the factory and were made to feel very welcome by our hosts.

Our perfectly cooked Halibut!

Our perfectly cooked Halibut!

Following a brief outline of the itinerary for the three days, and learning about Hygge (The Danish Way to Live Well), we were tasked with making our own dinner. The delegates were split into groups, with IDS responsible for the starter; Halibut with Roasted Cauliflower and a Cauliflower Puree with burnt butter sauce. Naturally we did a great job!

Our second day included a factory tour and further demonstrations on their Combination Ovens and the Visual Cooking range. Lunch was a Danish speciality called ‘Smorrebrod’ which are essentially open sandwiches – very nice they were too! In the evening we were treated to a fantastic meal at ‘No.1’, Randers premier restaurant which included a tuna appetiser, turbot starter and a delightful veal main course, the majority of which were cooked using the Houno ovens.

For our final day we were treated to a ‘Full English’ breakfast cooked by their in-house ‘Brummie’ chef before saying our goodbyes.

IDS would like to thank Middleby UK and Houno for a fantastic and worthwhile trip. Just to point out that we did learn about the ovens and the Houno family, and that it wasn’t all about the food!!

Written by David Giles
IDS Sales & Marketing Manager


IDS visit Clifton Food Range

IDS had an enjoyable visit to Clifton Food Range this morning where Charlotte and Fi offered up some lovely chicken, salmon and asparagus & egg using their ‘sous vide’ style of cooking in their world famous food baths!


Sous Vide

Sous vide literally translates from French as ‘under vacuum.’ It was developed in France in the early 1970s when George Pralus and a food scientist joined forces to devise the perfect method for producing foie gras. After numerous experiments the best method proved to be sealing the food in a pouch under vacuum before cooking it very slowly at a controlled temperature.

Sous-vide today uses a water bath to accurately cook the vacuum packed item at a precise temperature. This creates enhanced texture and taste and means that meats such as beef emerge tender enough to be cut with a fork. This process results in minimal shrinkage, with greater yield. Wastage is reduced through accurate portion control at regen stage. This is why so many acclaimed chefs worldwide, including many with coveted Michelin stars rely on Clifton Food Range® water baths.

After indulging in some tasting we followed this up with a trip around their factory and warehouse where their products are designed and manufactured in-house.  Congratulations to Clifton Food Range, it genuinely is great to see another local business doing so well.

Chef René Chapman Holds Another Rational Cookery Demonstration

The latest Rational cookery demonstration was held at IDS HQ this week and was a resounding success.

Chef René Chapman was on hand to demonstrate the capabilities of the Rational combi-oven, preparing and cooking some mouthwatering food. Delegates were treated to Pain au Chocolat and Croissants with their tea and coffee, moving on to sample a full ‘English’ breakfast cooked on one tray. Chef René then discussed how to cook the perfect steak, switching to steamed broccoli within the space of a few minutes. The combi-oven was then used to serve up chicken in breadcrumbs, seasoned aubergine and salmon steaks.

The event was filmed on behalf of a local accountancy firm who were making a promotional video; look out for highlights and interviews within the next few weeks!

IDS will be staging a further Rational demonstration next month but if you are a chef or business owner who would like to come and view a selection of combi-ovens currently available please contact David Giles on 01934 813686. With finance packages now available they are more affordable than you may think!

MMM! That’s good coffee

Here at IDS we have always strived to take on new challenges and find better ways to satisfy our customers needs.

Our latest challenge came from David Eckett, who is driving a mobile coffee van that needed our comprehensive Gas safety Inspection. Making sure his coffee van complied with the latest gas safety regulations. This van is only two years old with brand new coffee machinery installed, this is the 3rd added to the MMM! Coffee franchise.

He was booked in and our engineering manager preformed the analysis. Mr Eckett was then issued a Gas Safety Certificate, which allowed him to operate his mobile coffee dispensary with the knowledge that his use of gas is safe.

You may well see Mr Eckett and his van. If you do see him we at IDS recommend that you try his coffee, words cannot Espresso how good it is, trust us you’ll like it a Latte.

Combination Oven Specialists Certification

A huge congratulations to Bruce and Glynn who have recently been awarded Rational‘s prestigious certificate of training for the Combi Master Plus and the Self Cooking Center White Efficiency combination ovens.

Glynn, Bruce and all our Engineers work with Rational combination ovens regularly and this training has added to their already impressive portfolio of qualifications. Marshy and Jamie will be attending their training soon to join Bruce and Glynn in this fantastic achievement.

Well done.


Sky College

IDS are pleased to have been able to help in the refurbishment of a hot counter that had been left for scrap.

The counter was in a building planned for demolition, but a sharped eyed staff member saw the potential of this abandoned food service unit.

They called IDS and we were able to help in the removal from the old site and then the rebuild in the new site at Sky College. IDS used only their own trained staff to run all the services and to complete the final Commission.

Glynn Dance, who was in charge of the operation stated that it was great pleasure to have been involved with this project, to see what was described as scrap be turned into an efficient, great looking food service counter.

The project also saved the client a lot of money.

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