The perfect Sunday roast recipe
Here’s a great Houno recipe for a sloe cooked beef rump! Perfect for your roast dinner this weekend.
Overnight meat
5-6 portions
Ingredients: 1 beef rump approx. 1.5 to 2 kg
Method. 1. Take the beef and place it on a 60mm tray. Season well Cook using the following cooking steps. – Preheat – 180°C – 1 min – Note – insert product (giving an alarm) – Hotair – 50°C -60% fan- open exhaust – 8 minutes – Cooldown – 48°C – CombiSmart – prope (cook and hold 58°C) – 40% humidity -20% fan After cooking.
Take the meat out and let it rest for 10-20 min. Then preheat the oven op to 225°C and bake it for 10-15 min.
Chef’s tip. Cool the leftovers down and serve it thin sliced. This recipe will work with any large cuts of beef.
Autumn Supper Ideas with perfect baked potatoes

With an ending of the beautiful summer season, we’ve prepared for you one of the most favourite Autumn dishes, the classic baked potato. Enjoy this delicious and simple recipe, which is so easy to make in your HOUNÖ combi oven!

We’ve made the perfect potato even easier to create with our Enamelled Potato Spikes which are also great for things like chicken legs and tomatoes. The enamelled spikes ensure quick cooking, as heat comes from the spike itself as well as from the oven chamber.

Baked potatoes
20 portions

20 Baking potatoes

1. Wash the potatoes.
2. Put the potatoes lengthways on the spikes.

Cook using the following cooking steps
– Preheat – 230°C – 1 min
– Note – insert product (giving an alarm)
– ClimaOptima – 210°C – 30% humidity – 35 minutes

Chef’s tip
Fill the potato with sour cream and garnish with chive.

Do not hesitate to send us comments or share pictures of your recipes made in HOUNÖ ovens on social media using hashtag #idsbakes #foodweshare #hounorecipe

Size Matters. We know.

Size matters in small kitchens.

That’s why we sell the full range of Houno CombiSlim ovens which is ideal for small-scale or satellite kitchens.

They are space saving –  Gain maximum flexibility using minimum space with CombiSlim ovens. These combi ovens measure only 51.3 cm in width and fit into all professional kitchens.

Expand your product range – CombiSlim ovens are ideal for small-scale food production in take-away shops, cafés, gas stations, schools and nurseries, investing in one will expand your range and increase sales.

CombiSlim Touch models – The vast range of cooking modes and features meets all your needs and give you room for fine-adjustments. Use the intuitive touch display SmartTouch® for programming.

CombiSlim Standard models – Equipped with the most popular cooking modes, these ovens are very easy to use at all staff levels. They are manually programmed by means of the selection dial.

Call us on 01934 813686 or email us via the contact form to book a free site survey to discuss the best products for your space.


Weekend Baking with Houno!

We have the perfect idea for some baking this weekend.

One of our favourite teams, the HOUNÖ Chefs would like to share a recipe for a gorgeous marzipan cake. Indulge yourself with this delicious dish, which is so easy to bake in your HOUNÖ combi oven.

Marzipan cake

12 portions

500gr Marzipan
500g Sugar
500gr Butter
500gr Eggs
120gr Cornflour
1 Vanilla pod


Scrape the vanilla seeds from the pod and mix into the sugar
Beat the sugar, marzipan and butter together until light and fluffy.
Beat the eggs into the mix one at a time
Mix the cornflour in.

Cook using the following cooking steps

– Preheat – 180°C – 1 min
– Note – insert product (giving an alarm)
– Hot air – 165°C – 80% fan – Closed exhaust – 45 minutes

After cooking

Cool down completely. Cover in dark chocolate glaze.

Recommendation of the tray

Baking tray smooth non-stick 1/1 GN

Chef’s tip

For a more summer style cake the zest of 2 lemons to the mix and put lemon curd on top instead of the chocolate glaze.

Are you a local chef/restaurant/cafe with a summer special recipe? Give us an email, we’d love to feature you!

A very happy customer in Somerset this week!
Unfortunately, last week we had a frustrated call from Abbey Tea Rooms in Glastonbury after their existing 12 year old electric oven range decided it wasn’t up to another festival season! They needed a suitable replacement that would fit in with their current demands, latest technology and still be environmentally friendly.
We quickly sent down one of our talented engineers to check out the oven and see if it could be saved. After a meeting, we all agreed that the new PHOENIX Induction Oven Range from Lincat would be the most suitable appliance for the space and work they needed it to do.
The next working day, our highly skilled team of engineers attended the site and installed the new oven bringing very big smiles to the owner and her staff.
If you’re off to Glastonbury this weekend, the Abbey Tearooms are ready for you!
How to cook the perfect steak!

This month, we would like to share a perfect recipe for a juicy grilled steak prepared in on of our HOUNÖ ovens. Follow our preparation and tips for the best results.

Grilled steak
4 portions

4 Sirloin steaks sliced 3 cm thick

1. Brush the steak lightly with oil and keep in the fridge
until ready for use.
2. Put the HOUNÖ Grilling grid into the oven before Preheat.

Cook using the following cooking steps
– Preheat – 250°C – 1 min
– Note – insert product (giving an alarm)
– Hot Air – 235°C – 100% Fan speed – 7 minutes

After cooking
Remove the whole tray carefully from the oven. Turn the steaks over and leave for a minimum 10 minutes to rest before serving.

Chef’s tip
The steaks will be cooked to Medium. Reduce or increase the cooking time for different cooking for more or less cooked steaks.

Don’t hesitate to send us comments or share pictures of your recipes on social media using hashtag #IDScatering #foodweshare #hounorecipe

Enjoy and keep on cooking!

Leftover Easter Eggs? We have just the thing…

With a hoard of Easter chocolate in the house, we thought it may be a good time to share with you one of our favourite recipes created in the brilliant Houno oven. 

Indulge your taste buds with the easiest recipe ever for a classic chocolate brownie. Follow our preparation and tips for the best baking results.

700g Sugar
225g Butter
5 Eggs
250 ml Espresso
700g Dark chocolate
350g Plain flour
350g Walnuts

1. Melt the butter and add the chocolate, stir until the chocolate has melted.
2. Whisk the egg, flour, sugar and espresso together well.
3. Then add the melted butter and chocolate and continue to whisk.
4. Line a 60mm tray with a piece of baking paper and pour the mix into the tray.
5. Once baked let the brownie cool before serving.

Bake using the following steps
– Preheat – 190°C – 1 min
– Note – Insert product (An alarm will sound)
– ClimaOptima – 175°C – 30% Humidity – 25 mins

IDS top tip!
Add nuts or white chocolate buttons for a different style of brownie.

Enjoy baking and please don’t hesitate to send us comments or share pictures of your recipes on social media using hashtag #IDSrecipes


This Months Special Offer – Panasonic Commercial Combination Microwave NEC1275
Height383.00 (mm)
Width600.00 (mm)
Depth484.00 (mm)
Warranty3 Years Parts & Labour
ControlsPromgram VIA SD Card
Power Requirement13amp
List Price£1,979.00
Trade Price£1,189.00


Designed to deliver traditionally browned results in a shorter time with no loss of quality, this high speed performance can be achieved with ease as you download cooking programmes from your pc.

The SD card function makes it ideal for use in public houses, restuarants ETC, with set menus where consistent results and ease of operation are essential, also ideal for prime cooking such as roast joints and carvery.

High speed fan grill and grill convection functions, 6 power levels, 4 element quartz grill with 2 power levels and recessed elements.

Fast cool feature to quickly reduce oven temperature for easy cleaning and low temperature cooking.

New Maidaid dishwasher for County Hall, Taunton

Following the complete breakdown of the dishwasher at Taunton County Hall. IDS are pleased to have supplied and installed a new Maidaid D2021 Hooded Dishwasher with an excellent turn round of only two days from receipt of the purchase order thus reducing the inconvenience to the catering staff.

ModelRack sizemmDimensions mmW x D x HCycle TimeSecPowerkWAmpsRequired
D2021500 x 500640 x 750 x 154060-90-1206.7/4.720/30

GENERAL FEATURES NEW soft touch controls with bright LED display NEW Maidaid colour scheme NEW fully moulded wash tank for ease of cleaning and reduced water consumption Built to give improved energy efficiency standards Fitted break tank – WRAS approved Reduced running costs due to greatly improved rinse efficiency Twin traffic lights give indication of machine status Three standard cycle options plus special application cycles NEW green cycle for minimum energy requirements Automatic self-cleaning cycle Surface scrap trays Detergent and rinse aid dosed by reliable peristaltic pumps Drain pump fitted as standard Supplied with one open/cup and one plate rack

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New Retigo Combination Oven Installed

IDS are pleased to have recently supplied and installed a new 20 Grid Retigo Combination Oven at Sandbay Leisure Resort. The new Blue Vision 2011i oven will be a great benefit in the smooth running of this very busy kitchen. IDS have supplied and installed a number of these Retigo units. We are very pleased with the feed back that we have received from our clients. Retigo and IDS combined are able to offer a very competitive price to supply and install. The client can be assured of a top quality oven and a professional service.

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Technical Data

ModelB 2011 iB 2011 b
Steam generationinjectionboiler
Capacity21 trays GN1/121 trays GN1/1
Capacity of meals400 – 600400 – 600
Spacing [mm]6060
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm]948 x 1824 x 871948 x 1824 x 871
Weight221 kg233 kg
Total power35 kW35 kW
Steam generation power24 kW
Fuse protection63 A63 A
Water connection / drain [mm]G 3/4? / 50G 3/4? / 50
Temperature30 – 300°C30 – 300°C

Technical specification

SizeModelTechnical specification

i – injection