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At Ian Dance Services, we’re fully Gas Safe registered, giving you the peace of the mind that you need. This means that all of the work that we carry out for you is fully compliant with all of the relevant legislation and regulations that we must adhere to.

The Gas Safe registration itself allows us to carry out a number of services for you, including repairs, servicing and installation of all commercial catering equipment involving both natural gas and LPG.

Gas Safe certificates need to be issued every year if a business is to be fully compliant with the correct legislation. This means that gas-based appliances and flues must be maintained and serviced on an annual basis. Whenever we service or install a gas appliance, we are able to issue a Gas Safe Inspection Certificate to show that the device is in full working order.


Legislation and regulations do tend to change regularly, but with our expert knowledge of the trade you can count on us to remain constantly educated upon what is expected of us. With regular training courses attended by our catering engineers in Weston-Super-Mare, Bristol and Taunton, you can rest assured that our staff are educated to the highest standards on the latest rules and regulations.

As the world of catering legislation can be so difficult to get to grips with, sometimes catering managers need a little outside help to ensure that their kitchens are fully compliant with the law. If you are unsure about where you stand, you can arrange for a site visit to be conducted by our expert staff, who will look for and help you to implement any changes that need to be made to keep you on the right side of the law.


The updated specifications to British gas safety standards (known as BS 6173) state that catering companies are expected to upgrade their kitchen equipment long before the equipment reaches the end of its useful working life.

If a ventilation canopy and combustion air supply is not interlocked to a fail-safe system that monitors extraction failure, then the equipment is not deemed fit to use. Also, if the existing equipment, flues, extraction systems, ventilation plus pipe work is not inspected and certified safe by a qualified individual, then companies may also find themselves breaking the law.

What’s more, if unsafe gas and cooking equipment is not fit for purpose, any relevant insurance policy may be declared null and void, leading to dire consequences if the worst does happen.

It’s easy to see how the above examples of catering legislation may seem a minefield, but if you enlist our help, we can identify anything that is not compliant with the law and give you the help and support that you require in order to make the necessary changes. Meanwhile, if you’re not currently using an efficient interlock system, simply get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to help you put things right quickly and effectively. Why not get in touch if you’re looking for catering installations in Bristol, Weston-Super-Mare and Taunton today?


Did you know that it is a Legal requirement to have your commercial kitchen checked by a fully Qualified Gas Safe Engineer every year?

Are you aware that the legislation reference the extraction and ventilation requirements have recently changed?

It has recently been brought to our notice that there are a number of Catering Establishments that are unaware of the above.

It is a ‘Gas Safe’ and ‘H.S.E’ requirement to:-

  • Ensure that gas appliances and flues are maintained and serviced yearly.
  • Have all installation, servicing, maintenance and safety checks carried out by a ‘Gas Safe’ registered engineer.

The current regulation requirements in regard to the recent British standards (BS 6173) modified code of practice for interlocking and isolating the gas supply in the event of a (waste gas) (cooking fumes) ventilation canopy failure:-

  • If a commercial kitchen is a working unit the existing equipment, flues, means of extract and ventilation and also the pipe work should have been inspected by a competent person. This might be annually (or more sometimes more frequently in heavy use kitchen) if the owner or user wishes to comply with the Current Legal Requirements.
  •  All of the time that gas supplies or cooking equipment is in an unsafe condition and can be proved as such, the fire insurance for the building could be rendered Null and Void” and very awkward questions would be asked by potential fire investigators in the vent of an incident occurring.
  • If a ventilation (waste gas product removal flue) canopy and combustion air supply is not interlocked to a fail safe (I.E. cuts the gas off to all flue type gas appliance and any electric supply to ancillary frying appliances) system that monitors any failure of the means of waste air being extracted or choking the combustion air input the cooking equipment is deemed Not to Current standards” or “Unsafe”.

If we can be of any assistance or you have any queries reference the above then please do not hesitate to contact us.

For a more in-depth explanation of the current regulations please download anyone of these attachments.

HSE 26  |  HSE Gas Safety in Catering & Hospitality  |  Gas Safe Technical  |   Ventilation of Kitchens

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