Houno K & KPE 1.10 Combi Oven Electric 10 Tray Oven – 4 Year Warranty

£14,985.00 £6,299.00 Ex. VAT


▪ Steam technology: steam generator & injection steam
▪ Reversible fan ensures perfect baking and cooking results
▪ Adjustable fan speed with 9 steps
▪ Optional door hinging, left (standard) or right
▪ 2-piece rack
▪ Timer function with current time, date and timer
▪ Manual humidity pulsing
▪ Preheating up to 300°C
▪ 2-step door handle for maximum safety
▪ CTD Cool Touch Door (max outside temperature of 65°C)
▪ IP X5 protection
▪ Cabinet and oven chamber in BS 304 S 31 stainless steel
▪ Easily detachable door seal
▪ Indicator of water shortage in steam generator
▪ AFS Auto Flush System in steam generator
▪ Various voltages
▪ Table model prepared for stand

4 year warrantyFirst class technology and premium materials are your guarantee for a strong and reliable oven. Hounö’s 4 year warranty underlines their commitment to product excellence.

If you are unsure of the best product for your needs please feel free to call 01934 813686 and speak to one of our team. Or email info@iandanceservices.com for free advice and help.


Manual or Smart Touch Edition

If you steam a lot of potatoes, rice, pasta and vegetables, we recommend the combi ovens with a steam generator. Choose the K & KPE combi ovens for maximum steaming power. Both oven models are equipped with a steam generator as well as injection steam.

If you mainly need a combi oven for roasting, baking, grilling and regenerating, we recommend our C & CPE combi ovens with injection steam. Both oven models add humidity by means of injection steam.

manualversion Visual Cooking C or K ovens Equipped with the most popular cooking modes, these ovens are very easy to use at all staff levels. They are manually programmed by means of the selection dial.

smartversion Visual Cooking CPE or KPE ovens The vast range of cooking modes and features meets all your needs and give you plenty of room for fine-adjustments. Use the intuitive touch display SmartTouch® for programming.

▪ Hot air (30-300°C)
▪ Steaming (30-130°C)
▪ Low-temperature steaming (30-100°C)
▪ Forced steamning (130°C)
▪ CombiSmart® humidity control, 10 steps (30-300°C)
▪ Cook & Regen (30-180°C)
▪ Proving (30-40°C)

▪ Selection dial and digital display
▪ Memory of 50 recipes (each with up to 10 steps)
▪ Semi-automatic cleaning programme
▪ Automatic cooling
▪ Error registration

▪ CombiWash® fully automatic cleaning system (K)
▪ Integrated hand shower (K)
▪ Core temperature probe, external location (K)
▪ Sous-vide probe (KPE)
▪ Removable cassette rack or rack for plates
▪ Trolley for racks
▪ Various stands
▪ Energy & water consumption meter (KPE)
▪ 2-door solution (PassThrough)
▪ Stacking kit for CombiPlus®

K & KPE 1.10 Specs
Houno 4 Year Warranty T’s & C’s

▪ Hot air (30-300°C)
▪ Steaming (30-130°C)
▪ Low-temperature steaming (30-100°C)
▪ Forced steamning (130°C)
▪ ClimaOptima® automatic humidity control (70-300°C)
▪ CombiSmart® humidity control, 10 steps (30-300°C)
▪ SmartChef®
▪ Cook & Regen (30-180°C)
▪ Proving (30-40°C)
▪ Delta-T
▪ Cook & Hold

▪ SmartTouch® display
▪ Memory of 500 recipes (each with up to 15 steps)
▪ Cookbook with preset programmes
▪ CombiWash® fully automatic cleaning system
▪ Integrated hand shower
▪ Manual or automatic cooling
▪ Automatic humidity pulsing
▪ Core temperature probe, external location
▪ RackTimer®
▪ CombiNet®
▪ HACCP quality control
▪ USB connection
▪ Automatic service diagnosis system

Additional information

Weight 190 kg
Dimensions 83.1 × 89.9 × 105.5 cm
Control Panel


Number of racks


Door Side



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