Moduline PURE H202 Atomiser – natural virus defender

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This PURE H202 Atomiser makes your hotel, restaurant, cafe, takeaway, school, any space, quickly sanitised. The device utilises a fine mist that cleans the air as well as all surfaces within the room.

It has been proven to eradicate bacteria and viruses within a closed environment. Vapourised hydrogen peroxide is a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide designed to decontaminate by coating surfaces and objects in an ultra-thin layer of micro-condensation of hydrogen peroxide vapour, undetectable to the naked eye.

User-friendly electronic controls in the Moduline Atomiser include a star/delay function which allows you plenty of time to leave the room. The unit is equipped with a beep that alerts the operator when the sanitisation cycle is complete.



Safely sanitise any room in prevention to COVID-19 and MRSA.

Moduline’s PURE is an automatic sanitiser which dispenses Hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2) micro particles in a closed environment. The function of the sanitiser can be compared with the operation of an air humidifier, meaning it creates an aerosol of (in this case) Hydrogen peroxide.

The unit consists of an integrated 1.5 litre stainless steel tank which has to be filled with a hydrogen peroxide solution. Hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2) is effective against Covid-19 as well as MRSA.

The unit is easy to clean, safe to use, fast0acting, saves time and money on cleaning. The whole process is lab tested and approved.



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